A raw, sore and inflamed vagina often the result of hardcore pussy eating, rug munching or twat grazing.

See Cannibalingus
His insatiable ass licking turned my man hole into hamburger pussy!
by Mudcunt October 01, 2006
Top Definition
Vagina lips that are so floppy and loose they look like a hamburger.
I didn't see any cheese on that hamburger pussy.
by prissorsxrawks February 01, 2008
a twat with thick, juicy, sweaty, girthy pussy lips that one squeezes so that it resembles a hamburger
mmmm yeah johhny fuckiing cram your thick, throbbing tubesteak into my fucking hamburger pussy!!! yeah baby fucking shred up those cervix walls!!!!
by luvmesumhamburgerpuss May 19, 2009
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