term used by the less intelligent in place of ground beef, round, chuck, or sirloin.
Yo, ahs needs some hamburger meat tah go wid dis taco bread.
by crash December 05, 2003
Top Definition
the term used describe the chest hair that protrudes out of a mans shirt
wow, look at that guys hamburger meat
by porknes! March 02, 2004
Regional to shore areas of South Jersey, some residents (late teens to early thirties) often use "hamburger meat" as a euphemism for chest hair. Hamburger meat is an especially prominent feature of French Canadian tourists, as are speedos. Hamburger meat is also used to point out when a man has obviously taken great lengths to display his man mane, i.e. - unbuttoning polo style shirt completely, and flattening the collar to maximize fluff effect.
Ex. 1
Worker 1 - Damn, dude..... Did you see that guy that just left the hotel lobby?
Worker 2 - Yeah, he had his hamburger meat hangin out over his grape smugglers.
Ex. 2
Hotel guest 1 - I won't be coming back here. The dirty worker guy keeps leering at my wife...
Hotel guest 2 - Yeah, he struts around the pool trying to impress everyone with his hamburger meat.
by Gee El September 05, 2012
The bits left in the toilet after flushing a messy shit.
Roomate 1 : "Fuck, man flush the toilet twice next time."

Roomate 2 : "Why?"

Roomate 1 : "There was a load of hamburger meat floatin around when i went to take a piss."
by That Fella. March 08, 2012
A guy's chest hair. Some think the shape looks alot like hamburger meat.
By the end of the night, Justin had his shirt unbuttoned and everyone could see his sexy hamburger meat.
by sodumc February 25, 2009
Descriptive term for one whos hair is so dense and nappy that it appears that someone has slapped a pound of ground beef on their scalp or chest...
"That nigga growin a fro? He need to cut that hamburger meat off his head".
by Beezer October 24, 2004
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