slang in police lexicon, meaning an untainted handgun a corrupt cop will have ready to plant on a suspect they've shot. Prevalent in New Orleans culture, during the militant state in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. (seen on PBS' Frontline)
My partner used to carry around a ham sandwich to pin on some poor fucker they might shoot down.
by giraffe-o August 25, 2010
The cause of death or potential murder instrument for someone who is weight challenged. As opposed to pretzel, which is the choice of presidential assassins.
Austin Powers: Mama Cass... Dead... Ham Sandwich.
by John Costanzo August 31, 2005
To get extremely drunk or "hammered" and that is where the name comes from.
Person 1: Hey what did you do on saturday night ?

Person 2: Oh i got completely ham sandwiched.
by Samuel J R October 08, 2008
when you take someones face and put it in between your thighs ,then proceed to rub there face around in it
yo dude that piece of shit gave me a ham sandwich
by jenna tilworts September 27, 2009
Whens a someone puts an ass right on you face
thanks you fugger I no likes ham sandwich
by Cangh Jui May 15, 2003
A somewhat short but chronically overweight person
Check out that soccer manager. No, not the short blond one, im talking about that huge one! Notice how when he sits on the bleachers it sags in the middle. That kids a total ham sandwich, know what I mean?
by Steve Pennington October 15, 2007
Two men, one woman. Do you need a picture?
Fancy a ham sandwich love
by NastyPolarBear April 25, 2003
1. The best sandwich on earth.
2. A sadwich consiting of ham.
3. Sometimes includes cheese.
4. mondo cool
5. someone's behind
6. yummmmmmm
7. the is no definition #7
8. nor #8
I have a ham sandwich in my pants today.
by ham_sandwich August 10, 2003

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