slang in police lexicon, meaning an untainted handgun a corrupt cop will have ready to plant on a suspect they've shot. Prevalent in New Orleans culture, during the militant state in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. (seen on PBS' Frontline)
My partner used to carry around a ham sandwich to pin on some poor fucker they might shoot down.
by giraffe-o August 25, 2010
A device used to beat a pigpen or to make the game of hogsoccer more entertaining.
As I beat that bitch with a plunger O smacked her with a hamsandwich.
by MBC March 31, 2003
A overweight sorority girl.
The hot ones always bring along the ham sandwichs.
by Mark Fastner June 22, 2007
When you approach a sleeping person, and gently lower your buttocks over their nasal cavity, sealing off air flow. When they open their mouth, gasping for air, strategically lower your nutsack into their mouth. Upon restriction of breathing, they will regurgitate the nutsack.

You have successfully performed a ham sandwich.
My name is John Ward Doucette from Sault Ste. Marie and I always pretend to fall asleep so I can get a ham sandwich from my closest buddies.
by alec colyer April 13, 2008
two pieces of bread with one or two slices of ham inbetween,
occasionally with a dollop of butter or margerine
hmm.... i'm hungry what shall i have for lunch?
oh! i know i'll have a ham sandwich!
by Angeli B. August 31, 2005
Wonder bread, Miracle Whip, american cheese and, of course, ham. The favorite food of the Hobo.
Willy was on it like a hobo on a ham sandwich.

by billybobb December 18, 2005
The act of wanking between someones bumcheeks.
My bird gave me a ham sandwich last nite, but I also managed a sneaky pete
by pyrator April 25, 2003
The act of one man fucking a women from the front, another fucking her from the back, and a man suddenly running out of a closet with a hammer and hitting the girl over the head with it.
Kate almost died when we ham sandwiched her last night, it was funny as hell
by MOSESLOVER November 09, 2010

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