The ham sandwich can be invoked as a defense for someone who feels wrongfully accused. This comes from the saying that a good prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich, thereby pointing out that one should not presume the indicted is guilty.
Tom Delay, a congressional majority leader in the United States, was indicted on ethics violations. His colleagues came to his defense by invoking the "ham sandwich" defense. This defense became well known when Delay defender Senator Mike Rodgers confused the public by misusing the phrase when he said "... any attorney knows you can get an indictment with a ham sandwich." Obviously he meant "against a ham sandwich."
by Mitch Monmouth July 31, 2005
an over weight sloppy girl that has lost all self respect for themselves thus making them also a slut willing to have sex with any and everyone.
Olivia is such a ham sandwich
by william mcfap September 25, 2011
Drunk and high. When a person drinks (one slice of bread) in combination with smoking (the other slice of bread), they become the ham sandwich.
Unsuspecting College Freshman1: "Hey man, lets get really high tonight."

More knowledgeable upperclassman: "Awesome, lets smoke your weed."

*Proceed to get really high*

Unsuspecting College Freshman2: "Hey guys, I bought beer from this homeless guy."

UCF1: "I can't turn down free beer, lets get drunk!"

MKU: "I'll sit this one out."

UCF1+2: Puke everywhere and die.

MKU: "Man, right before they died, they were totally ham sandwiched."
by Whothefuckk March 15, 2012
a cooked slab of pig on a bun.
"For Lunch, I'd like a ham sandwich, please."
by MoJo Mojowitz August 31, 2005
A Caucasian female that is less appetizing when compared to an exotic banquet.
Dave walked in to a fine Asian banquet, only to pull a Ham Sandwich out of the back pocket.
by Tower of power January 13, 2015
A Shaven Vagina
A Shaven Vagina looks like a Ham sandwich
by Ham Sandwich with mustard July 22, 2011
A person of which that would be eaten, like a ham sandwich, by higher class people in case of an end-of-the-Earth situation. In other words: a low class loser.
Student #1: Geez! That kid over there still has not done his end-of-the-year presentation and it was due 3 days ago.

Student #2: He's the ham sandwich of the class. Don't worry about him.
by jackson4502 May 16, 2011
A overweight sorority girl.
The hot ones always bring along the ham sandwichs.
by Mark Fastner June 22, 2007

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