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The best game ever where ppl online are noobs that whine alot. It also has the gayest ending but i cant wait for #3 its gonna be awesome!!!
Halo 2 kicks azz!!!fdjkslafjsd;lsjd
by anknoymus February 01, 2007
2 10
To take the skill and fun out of a game. To Noob up one of the best video games in order to appeal to soccer moms everywhere.
In November 2004, Microsoft and Bungie released the sequel to Halo titled Halo 2.
by scoville April 04, 2005
21 29
A real crappy game made for Xbox.
The opposite of Halo: Combat Evolved.
by ReelDeel February 14, 2005
39 47
This is a game based off the best FPS of this decade "Halo1" Halo2 takes place after halo1, which you can't tell until the game is done rendering the graphics, then you can. Halo2 brings a whole new meaning to the word "Luck". Halo2 has a stunning single player campain which will baffle and dumbfound you, well not really in all honesty the storyline is a rush job filled with plot holes and annoying endings. The online portion of this game is plagued by cheaters and exploiters to the point you will just want to scream when trying to play. Also this game has a wonderful community with an avg IQ of 11 year olds. If you want a game that even a 40 year old soccer mom can kick your ass in, then this game is for you.
Playing Poker with improved graphics
by WhoWhat February 08, 2005
17 25
The Matrix Revolutions of video games.
"hey lets take the most perfect game in the world and totally change everything, dumb it down, ruin the storyline, and end it with a cliffhanger. WB did that with The Matrix and look how much money it made! We'll all be RICH!!!!"
by Dolemite January 17, 2005
18 26
A game created by Bungie for people who can actually afford Xbox Live. Those who can't can continue to gripe about the campaign while those of us who can spare $50 a year have fun in Rumble Pit.
From the viewpoint of neither a fanboy, loser, virgin, or child, I can safely say Halo 2 kicks the ass.
by babylonian007 December 19, 2004
6 14
An FPS with a bitch ending but fricken awesome Xbox live play.
"man, screw that gay ass ending, Im going to play this poo online!"
by RagMeRock December 03, 2004
10 18