Halo 2's features are clearly advertised, duel wielding! X-box live!, destructable vehicles! But once you get the game you pretty much know what it has(not the storyline, the features).

What you first play Half Life 2 you are surprised at every turn. Its the enviroment, its the feeling that wow, this level looks like that place I drove past on our trip to LA. OMG i can use the gravity to pick up scanners and use em as buzzsaws, OMG the pulse rifle secondary fire vaporized that guy, OMG i just dropped that car on those zombies, killing them instantly, OMG i can roll nades into gun turret holes, OMG my crossbow bolt pinned the guy to the wall upside down by his leg, or OMG this blue gravity gun can pick up enemies and throw them at other enemies. I know I've played ravenholm about 3-4 times just cause its awesome killing zombies with the Gravity gun.

And look how far Half Life has come, people are still making mods for a 6 year old game. Imagine what they can do with the source engine!? Half Life 2 will last much longer than Halo2 and I bet Microsoft is trying to make Halo 3 as fast as possible so people don't lose intrest in the Halo series. Whereas Valve will take it's time because Half Life 2 isn't gonna lose intrest anytime soon.
you know it's true, Half Life 2 greatness is too difficult to describe
by Mike February 16, 2005
An overrated shitty game, very much like a regular 1st person shooter. Not revolutionary whatsoever, bad FPS, sucky graphics, kind of fun gameplay, but not really. Multi-player adds a little fun to it. Half-Life 2 owns Halo 2. Just to name a few things, HL2 is revolutionary, completely built-from-scratch engine, best physics engine around, best graphics of any game right now, unbelievable AI, and contains Counter-Strike: Source, which is 10x better than Halo 2. Received many Game of the Year awards, and a 9.8 on the game reviews - highest rating ever given to a computer game.
Halo 2 sucks big time, and I can argue about it so much and win.
by AIM: Yo Mom Saddam <--Suck me January 08, 2005
A great game in it's own right, and a must-own for X-Box. Not better than Half-Life 2, but still very respectable.
I just bought Halo 2, and I love it.
by Davis 51 December 04, 2004
The second highest rated game ever, and the fastes-selling. 2.4 million in a day doesn't lie, the game kicks ass. However, the ending is more of an anti-bonar than watching gay scat porn. Cliffhangars suck.

Let's hope Half-Life 2, the next great FPS to grace us, does just as well.
On November ninth, the world DID change. For the better.
by CSD November 12, 2004
well since no one is going to write a definition after today since they're too busy playing it, might as well be the first. I read the reviews and they all say it most definitely lived up to the hype.
I can't wait any fucking more to play it.
by adrian November 09, 2004
A game that geeks consider the best game ever made, a game better than sex. If you're one of them, you deserve to hang yourself and die because it's just a fucking game that geeks die for.
"I love halo 2 more than my mom"
by sublime November 06, 2004
I have a French copy of this game. Without a doubt, it is the best game I have ever played in my entire life. There is a huge twist that will make you go "Woah! Forreal? SWEET!" and then you will blow a load in your pants.
Bob: Dude check this out, I bought a PS2!
Me: Cool! I have an Xbox!
Bob: *Immediatley kills self*
Me: *Plays Halo 2*
Me: *Blows massive load in pants*
by Halo 2 Owns Your Socks October 22, 2004

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