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Sucks just like it's predecessor. In other words, it's going to be another overrated piece of crap.
Halo 2 sucks. Isn't that a revelation.
by Halo sucks November 09, 2004
The one game that can leave a person screaming at the television for several hours.
ov goat vo playing halo 2 online 11:45pm
ov goat vo playing later that night 12:20am
by Ryan Joseph Steele June 08, 2007
The fucking best game ever. Period. I am going to stop writing now. Halo 1 is pretty good too.
My girlfriend wanted me to come over, but I told her to go fuck herself because I was playin halo 2.
by gamertag *Halo4Dummies* April 09, 2006
1.the only game better than halo

2.the only game that is seconed to halo 3
I need halo 2

I need halo 3 because I played halo 2 for 3 years
by I need halo August 07, 2004
Halo 2 is the sequel to Halo Combat Evolved, for the X-box,made by Bungie, known to be one of the best first shooter games out there. Halo 2 was released on November 9th, 2004. It continues the story of what happened on Halo and how it was destroyed. Halo 2 focuses more on the Covenant then in Halo, which focused mostly on Spartan-117. Many Halo players complain that Halo 2 should have focused more on Earth and Spartan-117. Halo 2 ends with a cliff-hanging end where it does not give you enough detail of what happened to Halo and Earth. It leaves you wanting more, which Halo 3, for the X-box 360, will finish Halo 2's ending. Halo 2 is rated M for blood, violence, and language. Overall, the game is made very well, other then the short compaign.
"dude, i like got a plasma rifl from like a elit!! i'm totaly sweeeeet. i can lik own u dude"

"No, your an idiot because i'll snipe you dead before you get close to me! Hahahaha"

"im reporting u fore sanging dead OMG@!!!! bugnie goin ban ya from halo 2"
by Someonenob95 March 07, 2006
A game where whiney little 6 year olds think it's fun to make there parents go buy them a X-Box and Halo 2 and get X-Box live and ruin the online gaming community for everyone else.
.Soon After A 1V1 Match In Halo 2 Game The Young Dude Speaks Up. lEgAy: OMG WTF YOU CHEATED OMG HOW DID YOU GET THAT HEADSHOT OMG CHEAT IMA REPORT YOU FAG!!!! YOUR GONNA GET BANNED1!!!! YOU CHEAT!!!!! .More Mature Guy. Onyx9k: Come talk to me after you've hit puberty you whiny little bitch. lEgAy:.crying sounds. .leaves lobby.
by Shiz66 September 28, 2006
The greatest sequel to the greatest game ever.

If all of you Half-Life fans who have never even played Halo 2 continue to dis it, I will personally HUNT YOU DOWN.
Open your eyes, my brothers!
by Cortana Dragoon June 24, 2005