An unhealthy but equally enjoyable alternative to sex.
Girl: Hey baby want to go all the way tonight?

Guy: Get out of here bitch, I've got Halo 2.
by its a boy February 12, 2007
an ass kickin game that leads to halo 3
halo 2 is one hell of a game
by Angry somoan August 24, 2006
A good game, not a shitty game, a good one, one that has pleased audiences everywhere. Compelling Audio, graphics so good they only work perfectly on the 360(Not to mention HD), talented voice acting, some of the best I've ever heard(except maybe Half-Life 2) And an online system that blows me away, Xbox live rocks on this game, and this game only. Gameplay is practically the same, people are just stubborn with the new look engine and look.

People bitch about the weapons, well apparently there is no pleasing people. Halo 1's assault rifle was not a rifle at all, practicly a portable gun turret, killing in 3 seconds, the shotgun was a sniper(not joking, use it), and the old pistol killed in 3 shots. But when Bungie makes the pistol less powerful and dual-wieldable, splits the assault rifle into a dual-wieldable smg and a longer range battle rifle(that people drooled over) and the shot-gun a more purposeful shotgun, fans turn their back on a fantastic game and spread lies to others.

Graphics 9/10 (360 10/10)
Audio 10/10
Gameplay 8.5/10

Story: Totally completed it's purpose as a mid game of a trilogy, plenty of questions made, much for Halo 3 to finish.

Half-Life 2 is another game, they don't mix since one game took 6 years to complete and one took 3. Both were hyped to the point were they were hacked and ilegally available over the Internet. Both won Game of the Year., both deserve respect, and especially the developers since they bothered to make a game no matter what people thought of there games, you guys are mindless video-gamers so no one really should care what your worthless input on a game should be.
Fun Halo 2 scenarios. (to the easy going)
Joey: Okay get the flag.
Logan: You'll have the Warthog ready?
Joey: Yeah, I'll just take the scenic route...
John: What scenic route?
Joey: You know, the one where I go-
*Triple kill*
John: Lol
Joey: Lawlz
Gunner: You guys are morons.
Logan: Hey, where are you?!
by One of the lollers June 19, 2006
a good game, despite what most say. most people simply dont realize that its a DIFFERENT GAME. it is NOT halo 1. most people dislike this game because they dont know how it works, or they dislike the power weapons.

being rank 43 on xbox live, i know what im talking about. not everyone will understand how it works. not everyone will enjoy how different it is compared to halo 2. not everyone likes a balanced game (oh god, the pistol).

yes, there IS inconsistancys, but they can all have a counter, and thus can be made obsolete. the trick to this game is to just sit back and wait; unlike many of the little kids who play the game. its all based on smarts & strategy, like CS:S.
frickin noob combo'ers! they have to be fucking pussys! argh!

.......why dont YOU just get a noob combo....?
by abyssion August 09, 2005
This will be a sequel to the popular Xbox game, "Halo:Combat Evolved"
<jimmi> dood halo 2 wil rox ur boxers
by [GpW]NinjA August 07, 2003
1. A kickass game that inspired much contreversy (see. Halo 2 for example), but which had a ridiculously crappy ending which my friends and I have been complaining about since Nov. 9.

2. The sequel to Halo: Combat Evolved.

3. X-Box's 2005 heavy-weight.

4. A game equal in greatness to Half-Life 2.

5. The reason in never go outside.

6. Best. Multiplayer. Game. Ever.
1. You gonna go play Halo 2?
Hells yeah.
Didn't the ending suck balls?
Hells yeah.

2. My friend sold Halo because he had Halo 2.

3. Halo 2 makes GC fanboys cry, and thats funny.

4. Halo 2 = Half-Life 2 >= everything except hentai.

5. Come outside!
Why not!?
Halo 2!

6. Halo 2 on Live = 5 centillion centillion times Halo 2 campaign.
by VOCOR_ARCHIVE_SYSTEM January 24, 2005
geeze cant we all just get along . you like halo 2 . you like half life 2 . thier both video games not weapons of mass destruction.
wanna play halo life 3
by ben dover April 13, 2005

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