1. A first person shooter video game for the Xbox featuring wicked ass sweet gameplay. Added weapons and features, plus online play!

2. The only game that you would consider over sex.

3. The game that will pwn Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which is expected to sell 1 copy. The greatness of 2 hour game length seen in GTA SA will overwelm the brain and try to make you date richard simmons. In other words GTA: SA got is gonna get smacked.

Xbox owner: "I got Halo 2"
PS2 owner: "I got GTA SA"
PS2 owner: *bows down to Xbox owner*
Xbox owner: "Yeah that's right bitch"
Damn, girl. I cant give you sex right now, im kickin ass in halo 2.
by Chris, the l33t October 18, 2004
2nd of them fps halo series. first one was shit, second one's twice the shit. both games have charcters who wear armoures that look like turtle's shells. they also carry undescribable weapons. unfortunately its saddening that most people who play these games are douchebags who got nothin to do to update their lives.
"wanna play halo2?"
"nah,id rather play pacman"
by anonymous.360 May 30, 2007
Halo2:Overhyped game that while doesent quite live up to its insane hype its still a kickass game with many cinematic moments in the single player and a verry fun multiplayer.
Lets go play Halo2 online
by Gladius 1000 December 24, 2004
A game for the Xbox that is for people who like playing crappy FPS on a consol that's controller is the size of a refridgerator. worshiped by fan boys and Bill Gates alike.

How to respond to a FanBoy
1.Hey want to come over to my place to play some halo2?

Response Halo2 is only a slight improvment over the first

2.Halo2 is better than any game by Nintendo

Response not true and you would'nt be able to play halo without Nintendo's Invention of the Annalog stick and shoulder buttons
by Goron June 21, 2005
An FPS game on Xbox certain to be overshadowed by the time of its release by Half-Life 2 and Doom 3.
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
Possibly the most boring game ever created. Much was expected from this game, but little was delivered. It still has the smallest arsenal of any shooter ever(excluding it's predesecor), and the multiplayer levels are still unimaginative. Some multiplayer levels are much too confusing, and some are just plain old open fields. There is no in-between. The only level that makes for a good time is Battle Creek. If your going to play this game, be sure to take a pillow because your sure to fall asleep due too boredom.
When everybody else fell asleep from playing Halo2, us real gamers busted out the N64 to play Goldeneye a.k.a. the good shooter game.
by Dave December 04, 2004

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