wtf r u nerds tlking bout fukin losers nuthing is betta than sex stupid fuks so wat halo2 has good graphics the story line is shit and the levels are shit i liked halo combat evolved betta
and at least i dont play it all day and deny sex wen my girl asks me for sex go suk a cock u fagmoes
halo2 has good graphics otherwise it is shit
by killzones betta March 04, 2005
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Possibly the most boring game ever created. Much was expected from this game, but little was delivered. It still has the smallest arsenal of any shooter ever(excluding it's predesecor), and the multiplayer levels are still unimaginative. Some multiplayer levels are much too confusing, and some are just plain old open fields. There is no in-between. The only level that makes for a good time is Battle Creek. If your going to play this game, be sure to take a pillow because your sure to fall asleep due too boredom.
When everybody else fell asleep from playing Halo2, us real gamers busted out the N64 to play Goldeneye a.k.a. the good shooter game.
by Dave December 04, 2004
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The funnest game ever except for those noobs who use the n00b combo and who camp in carney holes and who use super jumps and who can bxr and I can't so its not fair but I sorta can sometimes unless they do it better, otherwise Halo 2 is amazing! Especially making montages thats always fun...
After school we have 8 hours to play Halo 2 dude, lets play!
by L1nkPwns March 27, 2007
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geez ppl halo2 wasn't so bad. ya it could be better. and ya the first one had a beter feeling to it. and ya u hate to play the abior. but look on the birte side geez.maby u think the game is so bad because u don't like that kind of game.DUH!!!!!!!!!
most of u guys say that it's so bad is because ur just board and trying to be cool when u actuly like it
by Brad Bloxdorf January 12, 2005
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The only device ever created that can exceed the pleasure of sex. Halo 2 will be the best game ever. It is truly tEh 1337 pWnage badasstastic game. Nothing can even compare to Halo 2.
Evil Towel:You will have to choose, Towlie, between saving your friends, or playing Halo 2.
Towlie:I choose, HALO 2!
by Karl Marx November 03, 2004
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A game for the Xbox that is for people who like playing crappy FPS on a consol that's controller is the size of a refridgerator. worshiped by fan boys and Bill Gates alike.

How to respond to a FanBoy
1.Hey want to come over to my place to play some halo2?

Response Halo2 is only a slight improvment over the first

2.Halo2 is better than any game by Nintendo

Response not true and you would'nt be able to play halo without Nintendo's Invention of the Annalog stick and shoulder buttons
by Goron June 21, 2005
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Halo 2 is a good game, but only if you plan on playing multiplayer/xbox live. The campaign of Halo 2 sucks, and some of the weapons have no use what-so-ever.
Get this game if plan on getting xbox live, or if you already have it
by pvtmcmuffin January 07, 2005
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