one of the best things to prove that PS2 should have been named the P"O"S 2!!!!

best game ever!!!!!
bob:"I love final fantasy its so great"
george:"I just got Halo 2"
bob: *shoots self*
george: "man, am I glad I got an Xbox with Halo 2"

by Halo PhanBoi August 31, 2004
A game that sucks majorly.
person 1 "Halo 2 sucks"
person 2 "Let's go play Half-Life 2"
person 1 "How about CS:S first"
person 3 "Valve rules the universe"
by GTA: San Andreas June 11, 2005
See dissapointment. A rushed title due to constant bitching and due to that, it left a game with a few superweapons making it so that any idiot can be uber so it is often played by the same guys who play counterstrike
God made Halo, then he handed the sequal over to microsoft. Who in turn opend the door to all the counterstrike noobs in the world.
"HAHAHAHA I got the rocket launcher"
"noob i got the long distanced sword... go figure that one"
by Matthevv May 09, 2005
Half life 2 is a better game becuase its not fake.
Better than ping pong but not half life
by John from valve March 19, 2005
Halo 2 is such a shit excuse for a sequel. Halo 2 is only similar to Halo:CE in name.
Halo 2 was the greatest game in the world, then they made it.
by Thanatos UK March 14, 2005
A decently average game that is grossly overrated and has 9 pages of definitions by grade school fucktards. Any game that can generate this level of stupidity should be banned.
Go play Half-Life 2 instead. It's much better.
by Jared March 11, 2005
What Nintendo and Sony fanboys fear the most.
Teh GAYLO is sooooo overtrated!!!111
by Schuyler January 17, 2005

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