when people who seem intrested in you start to presue their feelings and then BOOM you're halo'd and all they do from this point on until they graduate is sit around and get "clans" and play their stupid fucking xbox lives, and lie to themselves by saying they're having fun, when they know damn well they could be having tons more fun w/ you.
L: hey i just got back from vacation, wanna hang out
A: no thanks i mean, i havent seen you in two weeks but i'd rather sit on my ass w/ my halo live and eat hot pockets while "sniping" imaginary players.
by jen March 07, 2005
Top Definition
The act of being dumped by your significant other due to obsessive and offensive amounts of time spent due to the new Halo 2 electronic video game for XBox. Often results in numerous empty promises to pay much more attention to you.
Poor Alli got Halo'd by that inconsiderate Michael soon after the new game came out.
by Castaspella November 29, 2004
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