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The area of San Francisco known also as the Lower Haight. Generally agreed to be confined to the area along Haight Street between Divisidero and Laguna and between Alamo and Duboce (dogshit) parks.
"Where you lampin' tonight?" "Down at Nikkie's in the HaLo."


"So were are you going drinking tonite? The Mission?"
"Nope, I'm going for beers in the HaLo."
by Gravity G March 23, 2006
Getting hand while getting head.
"He got halo from that girl"
by Big Mac January 04, 2005
An overrated game for the x-box
halo sucks; so stfu and gtfo.
by my name? September 27, 2004
BEST MOFO'N GAME IN DA WORLD every one person should play this game to believe it. Its got one of the best story modes iv'e seen. And multi player mode is unbelievable. Iv'e had it since it came out and i still play it today. ( year 04)
Fucking "A" its tight
by Joe January 08, 2004
An excelent song by the Heavy Metal band "Soil"
what do you want? a visual representation of a song?! get outa here
by Jax November 19, 2003
halo is really, really good. But its not the best game ever made. Mario Bros. 3, Final Fantasy 3, Chrono Trigger and several other classic games (like the first few "sonic the hedgehog" games) are still way better. Halo has a sort of cult following, not unlike soul calibur's little fan base. However, Halo has a bigger fan base.
Halo is a kick-ass game. But Mario Bros 3 is better.
by SPORK September 06, 2003
A ring i saw around my dead homies head when he came back from heven to grab his wallet and finish his foetie.
Man, what the fuck is over your head? Is a halo you stupid nigga!
by shixxle nizzle funky G skillit December 10, 2002