v. the act of lighting weed when it has slightly been pulled through the bowl yet there is still a ring of weed around the edge.
stoner 1: this bowl is kicked

stoner 2: theres still some good nug left in that just halo that shit.
by tkrout88 January 14, 2010
A used condom
"Every morning there's a halo hangin
from the corner of my girlfriend's four post bed
I know it's not mine but I'll see if I can use it for
the weekend or a one-night stand
Couldn't understand"
-Sugar Ray
by maythe4thbewithyou May 05, 2009
game; a game for the xbox.

religious symbol; a glowing circle usually floating above a religious figure's head, or a very kind/good person's head. (probably derived from some pagan god/goddess)

flight simulator; a flight simulator
lets go play halo 3!

dude ... why does jesus have like ... a halo over his head ... it's like ... glowing, man. couldn't everyone like ... find him if he was like ... always glowing?

it's a fucking flight simulator, what more do you want?
by Sandalphon November 12, 2010
a word used to describe something that sucks. aka. beyonce's song
dude, this milkshake tastes like balls...its totally haloed
by elliebee March 14, 2009
1. The magical ring above an angel's head. Can be seen in most religious stuff.

2. Military acronym for 'High Altitude, Low Opening'. It consists of Special Forces units jumping from a plane high in the air and not opening the 'chute until they're about 500 feet from the ground. This way, they are not detected by radar.

3. A somewhat overrated (though fun to play) first person shooter for the Microsoft Xbox. Currently, it, Halo 2, and Ninja Gaiden are one of the 10 or 15 games worth note of buying for the Xbox.
1. God has a shiny halo on his head. Mmm..shiny.

2. The..army..guy did a HALO jump into the enemy base.

3. "Hey man, let's get drunk and play Halo!"
by Icecap M. Veiwin November 24, 2004
Best game ever. With out it, X-box would have never survived. With its spectacular multiplayer options (up to 16 players at once) and its incredable gameplay, Halo is by far one of the best video games ever.
Fred: I bet I could kick your ass in Halo.

Dilbert: BULLSHIT! Your going down.
by Jason Harnisch February 20, 2004
acording to a quote on bash.org:
"halo is when two gay guys put their dicks in each others mouths, but the rule is it cant touch the lips or tongue or anything. the only thing it can touch if anything is the tonsil, and they both do it at the same time, and they dont have sex until they do it perfect."
Dave: John my lovel lets halo.
John: Sure thing hun!
by zamback February 02, 2004
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