The vehemently anticipated game for Xbox 360 that makes all girls in the world jelaous because we guys would rather play Halo 3 than hanging with them, or having sex with them.

"Well, STFU, don't mention that fuckin'pOS"

"Honey, are you playing Halo?"

"fuck you, don't disturb me you fucking bitch, i wish you were the brute in the game right now in which i am blowing his head off
by Haksjdnasduidnada May 28, 2008
Best damn game money can buy.
Normally the reason why guys ignore you (girlfreinds)
Us guys spend half our life playing it
Dude, that game Halo is bitchin
by Jako117 May 07, 2007
HALO is the ultimate FPS for hardcore gamers. It was made by God so that all the pasty white gamers could play for weeks without sleep or ever seeing the sunlight.
Last week me and my friends played for over 7 hours a day.
by jhouse April 28, 2005
1.A mythical ring of gold or light that floats a few inches over an Angels head. Can be seen in the cartoon DBZ.

2.A large Metal ring in space, spanning 10,000KM in diameter and 22.3 KM thick. Was constructed by Forerunners to house the parasitic plague called the Flood. SPins to generate gravity.
1.Hey, is that a Halo on your head?

2."Were all that's left.Halo,it's finished" -Cortana
by Michael Angelo June 23, 2004
Region of Peru. HalOS is "Dedicated to providing it's peruian residents with a nice place to live and a decent public transport system"
Which way to HalOS?

Why it's that way my good man.
by Elbonio May 04, 2004
1. The fine balance of a game between Quake and Call of Duty. Exclusive to the Xbox, 360, and One. A game where you play a guy who can't seem to take off his suit and be seen without it, and hasn't had a PC release in it's main canon since the original for some reason.
2. A High Altitude, Low Opening jump. Used so soldiers don't get shot while in their parachutes.
1. Xbox guy: "Let us play some halo."
PCMR guy: "Cool, you have CE?"
Xbox guy:"On an Xbox."
PCMR guy:"Well, that sucks. I'm a PCMR born and bred."
2. "I performed a halo to get in here."
by Reticulated Spline September 04, 2015
Gaming lingo that refers to types of enemies or NPC's that aggro as a group instead of one at a time. Refers to the circular perimeter around enemies that determines whether or not they aggro. Some enemies in RPG's aggro as an entire group even when only one is attacked. Useful call-out for RPG players who might put their team in danger by aggroing a group of enemies instead of just one like they planned. See aggro definition for examples.
"Don't attack those pig-wolf looking things, they're halo'd!" or "Everyone get ready, I'm gonna aggro that halo of spider-monkeys". In the second example, the word halo means both a group of enemies and a group of enemies that all aggro at the same time.
by MasonArcher November 09, 2011
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