A ring that normally encircles another object.
Angels have golden Halo's above their heads.

In the game Halo, Halo is the term given to the seven orbiting rings stationed in the Milky Way.
by Stingray-117 October 23, 2008
One of the best games ever made. Some people who play it are jerks who only like to TK and be stupid, but most of them are good people. Find a good server and play on it.
I'm going to play some halo now.
by Gungsta-Pasta November 02, 2003
When having sex with a girl on her period (with out a condom) and she has left you a red ring around your penis.
"Dude I'm totally going to heaven.

"Haha, uhh why is that?"

"Because I already have my red wings and my halo."

"Oh god, dude that's sick."
by Nugeamzaidwhat February 07, 2015
1. A game franchise made for the Xbox and Xbox 360, made by Bungie, though it has now been passed on from Bungie to 343 industries. Many Bungie employees came to 343 to continue work on Halo, and will be releasing the best game yet, Halo 4. All of the Halo games were great, but Halo Wars should have never been made. Will beat out Call of Duty any day, because Call of Duty puts no love and heart into their games.
Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo 2
Halo 3
Halo 3:ODST
Halo: Reach
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
Coming Soon: Halo 4
by Tygon345 July 03, 2012
Ever since the September 2009 TF2 update, players, who supposedly did not use a 3rd party program to receive random item drops, has gotten a hat representing an angelic halo.

This term, halo, is now used to refer those with halos, fags.
TF2 Player 1: My god, that guy is such a halo.

TF2 Player 2: Halos need not healing.
by MutekiSylence September 04, 2009
halo is the best game in the world.
It is riticuled by those who dont have an xbox because they are missing out on all the loads of fun that they cant get because they dont have live. Suck it sideways retards.
Halo is so good people who play it once ditch their ps2s and buy an xbox.
by CHP December 08, 2004
The vehemently anticipated game for Xbox 360 that makes all girls in the world jelaous because we guys would rather play Halo 3 than hanging with them, or having sex with them.

"Well, STFU, don't mention that fuckin'pOS"

"Honey, are you playing Halo?"

"fuck you, don't disturb me you fucking bitch, i wish you were the brute in the game right now in which i am blowing his head off
by Haksjdnasduidnada May 28, 2008

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