If there were a god to modern gaming this would b it...altough it is flawed greatly it is one of the best fps of all time...its right up there with sex and candy
Master chief is the future jesus...Halo's saviour
by Finiarel June 30, 2006
1. The act of splooging semen around the crown of a girl's head so that traces of cum remain on her forehead and hair "a halo"

2. Rubbing fresh hot cum onto a woman's head in a circular motion until her hair is molded into the form of a halo.

3. Similar to: cum-crown, cum-bandana
"That ho is such an angel...she let me HALO her 'til her entire head was covered in my jizz!"


Man: "Baby, will you be my beautiful angel tonight?"
Ho: "Of course...I love you!"
Man proceeds to ejaculate excessively on ho's head and says, "God's cock made you an angel tonight, bitch!"
by 'GinaWhore May 12, 2009
A series of video games, books, novels, and other media that is heavily based on the character known as Master Chief. Although there are some games that do not have Master Chief in them, every Halo game currently in existence from 2010 back has referenced him in one way or another. The main enemy in the Halo games are The Covenant, a series of aliens who've come to take over every planet including Earth.
Thomas: "Dude, I'm going to go home and play Reach"

Nicholas: "Reach was okay, but I'm honestly a bigger fan of Halo Wars"

Dario: "You guys are both crazy, Halo 2 was the best of the Saga!"
by Darioooooooooooo October 27, 2010
The game, Halo 3, one of the most popular games for the Xbox 360, created by Bungie, mostly used for the multiplayer, as the campaign sucks.

In the campaign, you are the Master Chief, also known as Spartan 117, John, and the Anti-Chri- oh wait nevermind. He is part of the Spartan II (2) project by the UNSC. He is the last remaining Spartan as of 2552.

Halo, a rip-off of Larry Niven's Ringworld, is a large super-weapon used to destroy the Flood. It has only been fired once, which destroyed the Forerunners and all sentient beings within it's radius, since, in actuality, the only way to kill the Flood is by starving it.

The Flood are a parasitic alien life-form that have the ability to latch on to a sentient being and turn it into, basically, a zombie. Also known as a rip-off from Valve's game, Half-Life, the Flood are extremely smart and are able to do many things, like repair ships. The Flood are able to spread with the spores they emit.

The Forerunners are the ones who controlled the Halo rings before they fired one and killed themselves (how smart). It was supposed to starve the Flood, and it would have, had the Covenant not have invaded the ring the Flood previously occupied.

The Covenant, a group of many- uh, actually, five- different species (Brutes, Grunts, Drones, Hunters, Prophets (and previously Elites)). They are the ones who believe that Halo will "Save" them, instead of kill them (which it does).

The Elites were once part of the Covenant before they found out the truth about the Halo rings, as told by the Gravemind. They later side with the UNSC humans.

The Gravemind is the Flood's brain, I suppose. It is extremely intelligent, and I believe it is the one that plans the Flood's attacks, and so forth.

A particular Prophet, the Prophet of Truth, is trying to fire the Ark, telling the Covenant that they will be Save if they believe in God- I mean Halo (although I think he knows that Halo is actually a weapon). He tries tries to fire the ring, but fails. Three times.

The Ark is like the command center for all of the seven Halo rings. It also has a back-up Halo to replace the fourth Halo ring destroyed by the Chief.

To sum it up, the Anti- I mean Master Chief goes to kill Jesu- I mean the Prophet of Truth to stop him from firing God- I mean the Halo rings.
Really, Halo 3 isn't a good game, I suggest buying Halo: Combat Evolved, or Halo 2. They're much better. Because Halo 3 is played by a bunch of twelve year-olds who think they're all that when they're not.
by Mawnzter April 24, 2009
1. An overrated (okay game) for XBOX. Multiplayer provides untactical strategy most of the time. It has many flaws though, such as horrible and numerous glitches that people on halo online like to exploit because they are stupid and have nothing else to do within their lives. Single Player for Halo 1 was good while theHalo 2 plot was blown to shit.

2. A game often played by numerous little kids who cry, swear, be racist (of course) and are like two year olds and the only game they play is Halo online because they can't afford a good computer to play games like Farcry. Usually young/annoying. They also usually play it for 10 hours straight because they are so incredulously stupid. see also annoying kids

3. Shitty game because of an online auto-aim system. See also wtfand shitty game

4. A game that influences kids to be stupid and dropout from school and swear at their parents. Often used as an influence to use the "leet 2 year old" language. It also influences the kids to play the same game over and over and mistake them to say it is the best game in the world meanwhile they've never played a good game.
1. John: Let's go play some Halo!
Pete: No let's not.

The Smart one: stfu and learn to spell. Halo sucks. Go play another game and get a job.
Kid: <insert shitty combat> STFU NOOB!

3. This game is such a piece of Halo

Peter: Bob, Tetris and Resident Evil 4 is a piece of Halo.

4. Kid: I will so halo pwnz0r you.
The Victim of gay: I will mod you bitch.
by ckasdet August 27, 2005
A game for the XBox mad by Bungie and is possibly the best First Person Shooter ever! Can play up 16 players and is capible of bringing those 16 people together and then tearing them apart.
Person A: Man, Halo is awesome with 16 people.
Person B: Stop talking and get the fucking flag.
Person A: Fuck you I'm waiting until the 8 people on the other team get the fuck out of the base.
Person B: *Chucks Plasma Grenade* Fuck You!
Person A: Dude, you just betrayed me, get the fuck out of my house.
Person B: Fine! *throws down contoller and leaves*
by Mike S. June 15, 2004
1) A circular ring above the heads of the deceased.
2) A game series made by Bungie exclusively for Microsoft's Xbox, and Xbox 360. If you own either console, but don't have a Halo game for it, there is something very wrong. One or the best games for the Xbox, often the Xbox "poster game" if you will.
1) Goku has had and lost so many halo's I lost count.

2) Halo 3 is still my favorite xbox game. Even after halo 4 came out. Halo 3 is that good.
by cartoonssuckbringontheanime987 January 12, 2013

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