Okay, so I'm gonna try to make a concrete definition, not in favor of haters or fanboys. So, Halo is a video game, can we all agree on that? Good, here we go...

Halo:Combat Evolved (CE)

So, the main character, Master Chief, is a human/cyborg guy who's really tall. So, he's trying to save earth from a bunch of aliens, called The Covenant(weird name right?). Anyway, while he's slaughtering aliens, The Covenant released some kind of parasite call The Flood which basically turns everything into zombie type things. Master Chief blows the spaceship that the Flood are on. Oh yeah, most of the game takes place on a circle thing floating in space called the Halo(hence the name of the game). So, Master Chief saved the galaxy, right? Right?


Okay, awww crap. I haven't played this game in a while. There's not much you need to know about this game besides Master Chief said 'FINISH THE FIGHT'(The thing they say every 5 minutes in Halo3)


Chiefy's back and he's ready to kill more aliens. In Halo3, Chief (SPOILER ALERT!!) blows up Halo and escapes in a dramatic car getaway level. Chiefy also drives the car into a spaceship to fly away with his Starsky and Hutch-esque buddy Arby. Oh yeah, there was also a bitchy computer lady named Cortana who whines all the time throughout all 3 games. What a bitch.

Halo3: ODST

In this game you play as an ODST

Halo Reach

I only played the beta but I'll update this once it comes out.
Halo is a video game, and people get way too pissed when they die in it.
by Audience of One May 06, 2010
One of the coolest X-Box games ever made. Halo is a 10,000 km wide ring made by an acient race called the Forerunner. the Foreeunner created these rings as housing facilities for a Parasitic race called the Flood. Halo also has the ability to destroy all sentient life in 25,000 lightyears.
cortana-"We have to stop it, we have to destroy Halo"
by Mustache Man February 26, 2005
Highly addictive 1st person shooter video game
Video games... Halo ooooooh
by Stanley Lewis January 05, 2005
the only game series that ive had an unhealthy ubsetion with. without this game, red vs blue,my ending of all relationship with that bitch, and the loss of my job at wal-mart would have never happened.
best halo online kills ever forge, ect
by OoOo101112 January 04, 2010
1 the best video game ever at the moment it was created by bungie and published by microsoft

2 a floaty ring around an angels head in cartoons and movies
example 1 HALO is the best game ever

example 2 halos around angels heads look stupid
by phynomonouse January 28, 2009
1. An epic game series for the xbox and xbox 360 endorsed by adults, children, and 7-11's everywhere.
2. An epic multiplayer game for the xbox.
3. A pretty cool guy. eh kills aliens and doesn't afraid of anything.
Person 1: Who do you think would win in fight between Halo and Metroid?

Person 2: Halo, no question.

Person 1: yeah, after all he is a pretty cool guy. eh kills aliens and doesn't afraid of anything.
by Aggriken the Anonymous July 10, 2008
If there were a god to modern gaming this would b it...altough it is flawed greatly it is one of the best fps of all time...its right up there with sex and candy
Master chief is the future jesus...Halo's saviour
by Finiarel June 30, 2006
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