The Best Fucking god-damn game ever made!!!!!:)
by Reload April 15, 2004
1)An exallent fps for the x box. Anyone that says this game sucks isn't a true gamer, a true gamer would realize you can't put down halo just because you dont like fps's or you just play half life.
2)A giant spinning ring floating in space with a diamiter of 10,000km, and a thickness of 22.3km. It was constucted by the Forrunner as a weapon to kill all life in the galexy,less the univers be left to be consumed by the parasitic Flood. Last seen in orbit around the gas giant Threshold. Communications with installation 04 have been lost.
Current statis:Unknown
Halo pwns, Half Life pwns, you can't just choose one noob.
by Jon May 01, 2005
1. Halo, a golden ring over the head of angels.
2. The most overrated game of the past since Zero Wing and anything to do with Harry Potter. Halo is not as loved for its single player experience, but more so for its so-so multiplayer experience. Like people who bought into Xbox, the graphics were the only thing that hooked people. Sad.
James: Hey Connor! Wanna play some Halo?
Connor: Hell no, Planetside owns it over 100x as does Battlefield 1942 and Unreal Tournament.
by Connor June 23, 2004
a totally awesome video game... but when you think about it, its the stupidest crap you have ever laid eyes on. little triangular colorful aliens running around flailing their arms while big hairy guys chuck glowing blue balls at your head while you hit people with a hammer? WTF!?!?!
i was playing halo, and was like THIS IS AWESOME and then i played it again, and was like OMG ITS SO COLORFUL ITS LIKE A BAD ACID TRIP ON STEROIDS ON PCP ON STEROIDS! and i played it again, and wished it was for Wii so i could throw a controller through the TV on accident
#w #t #f #??? #halo #haloo #master chief #grunt #grunts #brute #elite #steroids #gigantic flowing penis in your ear
by Liggamahwang January 18, 2009
An EXTREMLY overated game, that only became popular becuase it was the only midly good game for the Xbox at the time. It also seems that nerds seem attracted to this game, which is wierd becuase of it's unrealistic physics and guns. Though not ONLY nerds play Halo, a lot of other people that have never been exposed to real gaming as in MOH, COD, CS, BF1942. Please, get CoD, I have seen so many people go from stupid Halo nerd to hard-core gamer after they got CoD.
Halo Fan-Wanna come over to my house and play Halo?
CoD Fan-Well, no, that game sux so bad.
by CoDforeal October 17, 2004
Sickest game in the world
halo is the sickey game in the world
by jfizzle February 18, 2005
the single good game on xbox.. and it sux :P
by GAMERR October 22, 2003
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