One of the most godlike games ever made, next to Counter-Strike.
I am obsessed with halo
by BodyCount June 09, 2004
a gay nerdy video game that makes video game nerds obsess over while masturbating
oh my god i love halo so much *wanks*
by stephen wardrop April 12, 2007
1: A game that pisses you off
2: A game that kids/teenagers spend countless hours playing (see "dork")
3: Something over an angel.
DAMNED IT ALL. i hate halo
by ohhhh scottie boy March 09, 2006
1)An exallent fps for the x box. Anyone that says this game sucks isn't a true gamer, a true gamer would realize you can't put down halo just because you dont like fps's or you just play half life.
2)Counstructed by The Forruner it is a giant spinning ring floating in space with a diamiter of 10,000km, and a thickness of 22.3km. It was constucted a long with many other halos as a weapon to kill all life in the galexy,less the univers be left to be consumed by the parasitic Flood. Halo was not built to house the parasite noobs,play the game. Last seen in orbit around the gas giant Threshold. Communications with installation 04 have been lost.
Current statis:Unknown
Halo pwns and Half Life pwns, so does Counterstrike and Unreal Tournement, the only problem being is you have hackers in all those games but Halo.
by Jon May 05, 2005
1.n: worst game ever. played only by newbs who love mediokre first person shooting games where aliens are the main target severly limiting the reality and entertaing aspect of anything.
1. "halo is terrible"
by Ralph Machio March 06, 2005
The Master Chief (John 117)'s playground where he enjoys masturbating with cortana and sch00ling covenant. Also the title of the indicated video game.
Heheh dude lets go own ppl on Halo xbox live....ROFLWTFLOL
another term for weed, marijuana, pot, etc. used as a code word in front of parents
aye yo man, lets go play some halo.....
by John January 14, 2005

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