(n) (Also, Hay, Hallo.) AOLer variant of "hello."
dramaqueen90210> HALO GUYS
dramaqueen90210> ASL?
by J. Hasak October 14, 2003
1-something a angel has
2-a really good xbox game which i think is the best
1-sum1 stole my halo
2-wanna go play halo?
by steve w August 22, 2003
A pretty nice fps. Definetly overated. Not that great a game if I can beat it in under ten hours.
Halo is not worthy of a ten out of ten.
by alex saltzman November 20, 2005
halo is god and a damn good game
dude halo is god........................
by stan n May 04, 2005
xbox game about an alien and a dude killin each other!WOW!!!

let me remind you that there is not blood and gore its more like neon goo!
so if ur allergic to wierd bright things then i wld stay away from ur halo xbox game!
that is all
arbiter:Human filth!
spartin:Yeah well i dont shit blueberrys!
Arbiter:Hey i was hungry ok!
Spartin:Save that for the other 5 million blueberry stuffers!
by missy t April 19, 2005
Can you say No ragdoll effects
haha! No matter how you die your arms always flail and you flip when you hit the ground
by James Lowe October 20, 2004
1. The glowing ring thing above an Angel's head. Suggestive of purity or divinity.
2. The most overrated game currently available. The hype surrounding the game was all out of proportion to the actual quality, which only exists in drunken multiplayer battles.
3. The only reason the X-Box ever gets any sales. No, DOA and Project Gotham don't count. They're also overrated.
1. Go to Church
2. Talk to an X-Box fanboy
3. This ties in with 2
by Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi October 09, 2004

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