One of greatest games ever made. It has a great, although sadly, short campaign mode. However, the best way to play it is to get some friends and kick the shit out of each other, especially over lan.
The inevitable sequel, Halo 2, just got delayed again into fall of '04. Damn it all.
by Woc Cixelsid February 22, 2004
First-person shooter that is good and solid, but horribly overrated. People tout this as "the greatest game ever made" when it doesn't even come close to the greatness of Half-Life, Counter-Strike, or Unreal Tournament. The only people who think it's the best game ever are those who bought an Xbox and wanted to make the most of it.
Halo fanboy: OMG Halo is teh best game evar!!1
Me: Yeah, if you're nothing but a graphics whore.
by MetaPaladin November 23, 2003
1. God's greatest gift to mankind.
2. The best First-Person Shooter ever created.
Hey, dude, have you heard about that new game? It's so Halo.
by Photon Blade November 14, 2003
One of the best FPS games EVER. To all that say's it sucks, don't be sad your mom won't buy it for you and you're stuck with Mario.
Too bad I can't get Halo, so let me make fun of it on
by Master Chief October 28, 2003
a highly overrated game played by 10 year olds that think theyre cool cause they know how to make plastic grenades. it stars masturbation man who goes around weilding generic looking guns to fight off generic looking aliens. buy it if you must or if your kid wont stop bitching about it

dude your halo is like...all explody and life ending and stuff-crackhead

halo is overrated-me

hai gise i speak leet see? "LOL I IS PWN AT HALO N00BS LOLOLOL" i is speak leet
by epik phail gui August 04, 2009
Halo is the most overhyped and idiotic videogame ever. Jocks, nerds, geeks, and basement monkeys, however, love this game out of wanting to jump on the proverbial band wagon.
Magumbo Fuku Ebadda Wokele: Magumbo HATE Halo. Magumbo like Big Game Hunter 4000.
Nerd: You obviously don't understand the complex awesomeness of such an amazing game as Halo, Halo is so amazing that---*gets spear in throat*
Magumbo Fuku Ebadda Wokele: Magumbo eat good tonight!
by Johnny McWarguy April 28, 2008
the worst game ever made
"my faggy friend still plays halo, noob."
by anal rape March 14, 2008

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