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The most overrated X-box game ever, paling into comparision to SOCOM 2 (Online/LAN).
Halo isn't all it's cracked up to be.
by Deathcow February 07, 2004
a game that takes your life and gives it back to you fucked up
holy crap look at that guy!!!!!!
his played to much Halo!
oh yeah that peice of sh1t!
by skar3cr0w October 16, 2008
The most unnoriginal and overrated games there is You can get the same thing with the arcade game Area 51
John:There is this new game called halo you shoot aliens with an army and its also first person!
Jack:Isn't that copyright violation?
by Shiranui February 04, 2008
1: N. a video game created by a group of middle aged uber virgins in high hopes of generating revenue off 13 yr old virgins addiction to the game playing via mommy's credit card while she is out stripping for grocery money.

2: N. a video game created by a group of middle aged uber virgins in high hopes of generating revenue by rating it mature and then getting adults to play the game only to get frustrated by the 13 yr old boy on the opposite team killing them and teabagging them, losing to them while they say words they learn from mommy's boyfriends, or on the same team betraying them because of penis envy.
13 yr old boy playing Halo: "0h g3t 0wn3d f4gg0t, suck my d1ck!"

adult: (while slamming controller on the floor) "HIT PUBERTY AND GROWN ONE AND STOP RUBBING YOUR FUCKIN VAGINA YOU LITTLE BITCH!!"
13 yr old boy: "sniffles" (signing out of xbox live)
by TH3 M0DD4RZ December 02, 2007
A game that made Xbox, without it, xbox would be nothing.
The definition of halo is "ring or circle". How it ties with the game? A superior alien force, known as the covenent, made a super weapon designed like a halo to destroy the whole universe.
A pinky ring is a halo.
by hinducows November 19, 2006
A video game designed originally for Macintosh computers. Ironically, it's now one of the Microsoft Xbox's best selling games of all time.
Halo 2 and 3 will never be seen off of the Xbox. Oh, the irony.
by Maffewfwiend August 03, 2006
An excellent X-Box game.
When combined with beer, hours of Halo can result in substantial weight gain.
by Chris G: Unibrowed P-I-M-P May 12, 2005