A game for xbox and pc that is like every other fps i've ever played except there is no sprinting. It is overrated but still kick ass like half life 2.
some unknown being: When I get home, I'm def pwning halo online.
by This name is not in use September 07, 2007
A slang term for the word "hello", often used in the phrase y halo thar.
mhq213: Hi guys. I'm Harry. Nice to meet you.
Fnark: y halo thar Harry
by boh3m3i4n August 25, 2007
As overrated as some put it. Some people deem this as the best game ever. Shut up, no it's fucking not. It's OK for a little skirmish or so but that's it, being very good at Halo does not make you hardcore either.
My friend: Zelda and Final Fantasy are shit games. They are soo fucking bad and what do people see in Mario?

Me: Well asshat, what the fuck do you play?

My friend: I play real games like Halo and football games.

Me: ...*stabs him*
by onewhoknows May 05, 2006
1. World's most worshipped item for guys.
1. I keep my Halo in my personal shrine, you?
2. Let's play Halo!
by Doodoocaca September 02, 2005
Another word for a Nine Inch Nails CD. There have so far been 17 Halos (Not Counting UK Singles and Movie Soundtracks).
1. 'Down in It'
2. 'Pretty Hate Machine'
3. 'Head Like a Hole'
4. 'Sin'
5. 'Broken'
6. 'Fixed US'
7. 'March of the Pigs'
8. 'The Downward Spiral'
9. 'Closer to God'
10. 'Further Down the Spiral'
11. 'The Perfect Drug'
12. 'Nine Inch Nails - Closure'
13. 'The Day the World Went Away'
14. 'The Fragile'
15. 'We're in This Together, Pt. 1'
16. 'Things Falling Apart'
17. 'And All That Could Have Been'
by Blistien Zepp January 19, 2005
God creates things in his spare time like
The corvette stingray, Hot girls, and HALO
halo is fucking amazing
by Phantomsyth November 12, 2004
A sweet game for Xbox that about 99% of the population insists is "overrated" and "not worth the money", merely because they themselves most likely can't buy it, don't own an Xbox, or just can't play the game worth shit, so they resort to bashing it.
I creamed Josh on LAN while playing Halo yesterday...cause I rock.
by James Bond! September 09, 2004

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