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A fake sickness in which you stay home from school, work, or any other thing you don't want to do and play halo. It is also another term for hooky only you play halo.
Where is he, oh he has halo syndrome.
by undgrndsk8er October 07, 2007
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Halo Syndrome, Is A Term For A Person Who Finds Halo And The Halo Series To Be The Best Game Ever, Ignoring All Other Games, Referring To Real Life As Being In Halo, Or Spending All Their Time Playing Halo And Then Realizing Their Real Life Sucks.
Guy With Halo Syndrome: Aw dude watch out! There's a jeep coming through filled with covenant! Don't worry I'll hit it with my war-hammer!
Normal Guy: .....Wtf is a covenant?

His grades are dropping fast. Why is he not at school?
He's got Halo syndrome.
by Firehead2014 September 28, 2010

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