The halo effect is a heavy metal rock band in the south east United States that preforms before the Blue Suites. There lead guitarist is a cool wrestler/lax bro is is a boss at guitar solos. He once had long hair and admired Angus Young but now he goes solo. He also shaved his head when he had really long hair and that took big balls.
dude did you hear the halo effect play, they rip.

yeah man that lax bro guitarist is a boss
#lax bro #dude #boss #halo #rip
by lax boss 25 April 22, 2013
Top Definition
halo effect is when your girl / guy isnt very hot, but because of their personality, and how much they enrich you, this puts them in a class of their own.
Rita , may not be built like marilyn monroe, but she works, cooks, and take care my kids better than anyone . she got that Halo Effect.
#halo #personalities #hotness #marilyn #sexy
by "6" June 06, 2014
The immense and immediate enjoyment of something regardless of quality, value, or originality, but rather prior reputation.
Kate: Did you see the preview for the new Sex in the City movie? Its going to be awesome!

Bob: No it won't be, you just have the halo effect.


Joe: Did you download the new Halo beta?

Bob: I could care less, you just have the halo effect. New Halo games come off of an assembly line.
#halo #fanboy #fangirl #halo effect #obsession
by boomboom20dollar May 05, 2010
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