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A game that was never planned, and will never exist. Only idiots actually believe it will become a reality.
Joe: OMG! Halo 2.5 is gonna come on the hard drive of the Xbox 360!!! Like, my uncle who works for Bungie told me!!!11!1!!!oneone!!!1

Bob: You are a total retard.
by dabears1020 October 13, 2005
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The game being released by bungie, an updated version with a better ending than the Halo 2 crappy one.
1."Halo 2's ending both sucked and blowed"

2. "Yeah but they are releasing Halo 2.5 with a better ending"

3. "Shutup! Smart ass!"
by Halo master August 16, 2005
that one thing they say will come out for xbox 2. it better not suck as much as 2.
halo 2 that is.
its halo 2.5 wtf do i need an example?!
by I March 29, 2005

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