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A Harry Potter fan fitcion series, in which Harry is going threw Hallways of The Victorian Mansion, A Psychiatric Ward, and somewhere within the deepths of CMS. It is an ongoing story, that was rudely rejected from Mugglenet Fan Fiction, Harry Potter Fan, and Dark Mark Fan Fiction because of its celebrity appearences and random humor.
Quotes from the Hallway series parts:

part I: "As he stepped out into the hallway, he saw actor, Tom Felton (who plays Harry's arch-nemesis in the movies) run past, holding a big-screen TV. "Roderick, DON'T!" Tom yelled at the television."

part II: "MJ Eckhouse was back, pathetically trying to hide her flamethrower behind her. "Uh..." she started, thinking of an excuse. "Who sings by staircases anyway?" she said, before running away and ditching the flamethrower."

part III: "Then Mr. Woodard came in, and he was wearing a bright red suit for Valentines Day, even though it was the middle of March. He paced around the Food Room and sang the Friends Theme Song which magically made the cast of Friends appear and they sang along with him ?So noone told you life was gonna be this way (hand claps) Your job?s a joke, your broke, your love life?s D.O.A. Its like your always stuck in second gear..When it hasn?t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year.? Then Monica and Chandler caught on fire and died. This put Mr. Woodard in a bad mood because he had a huge crush on Chandler."
by Silver March 22, 2005
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