Originated in Silver Spring Md (Blair Highscool) by the crew Hamed, Georges,C-los... And its used as a response when some1 tells you something Good or amazing that happened to them.. its good to say it when you dont wanna say DAMMMNN or GO AHEAD Son.

Background: we had friend that couldnt say Hello, and evrytime he saw us, he would be happy and say HAAAALLLOOOO. so we started to use it everytime we were happy something happened..
Hamed: C-los son i hooked up with Julia
C-los: HALLO!!!!!!!!
by C-los that man October 07, 2009
Top Definition
"Hello" in German.
Hallo. Wie geht es Ihnen?
Chiefly German and obsolete English way of saying Hello; a common greeting.
Alice: "Hallo!"
Bob: "Good morning!"
by Olego June 29, 2005
hello spoken with an accent
"hallo, my name is inigo montoya, you killed my father, prepare do die"
by beefykeen September 28, 2007
A long-standing traditional greeting of the Vice-President (or 'Librarian') of The Oxford Union Society, in honour of the long line of genial Germans who seemed to thrive in the position.
Hallo! I am Calling from the Oxford Union in Great Britain.


I just called to say hallo!
by Hasan A. Ali September 22, 2011
A cute way of saying "hello", or a new way of saying it if one gets bored of "hi" or "hey" or "hello".
1.) Hallo there.
2.) Why didn't he say hallo to me?
by Zilotakano February 18, 2004
Norwegian and Swedish way of saying "Hello". Used in informal speech.
Hallo, åssen går det? "hello, what's up"
by Inferior March 01, 2008
A dope ass way to say hello except you add a dope ass A instead of a lame ass E and add a dope ass Ukrainian or some type of weird European Russian accent on that bitch. Once said to a friend, they must reply with Hallo!
Ryan: Hallo!
Devon: Hallo!

Marcus: Hallo!
Franco: Hallo!
Everyone in the vacinity: Hallo!
by RJYOUNGMONEY July 05, 2016
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