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Gaseous ice ball appearing every 80 years or so
Man "Hey I can see Halleys comet in the sky !" . Comet expert "Best place for it I say"
by binsurfer December 11, 2003
Often referred to as a girl's butthole. Usually one that is large in size, similar to that of a comet.
I just saw Halley's Comet!
by Bon Skribit April 19, 2009
Halley’s Comet (n): a euphemism for the violent projectile formed when a man cumshots a kidney stone. Not to be confused with commonplace occurrences like the ‘cum cork’ or ‘poop noodle’, the Halley’s Comet is a once in a lifetime experience characterized by:

(1) the catastrophic release of pressure necessary to cause a kidney stone to exit the urethra with a minimum muzzle velocity of 500 ft/s (152.4 m/s in CommieSpeak). The terminal ballistics of any given comet is determined by both the mass of the stone and the anger placed into the cumshot.

(2) the signature formation of a white trail of liquid aerosol cum behind the comet which lingers in the air for several minutes, causing it to be dubbed ‘procreative napalm’ by Single Mom’s Magazine.

There are no reported fatalities from direct Halley’s Comet impact (in the 1st world) however they do account for over 1 domestic ER visit a day in the US alone. Halley’s Comets are the leading cause of PTSD in men over 40.
Psychologist: “Tell me about your most recent Halley's Comet ”
Patient: “Just like the other ones, my dick looks like a waffle cone... My neighbors flipped out on me because they thought I intentionally shot their dog with a bb gun, then when I explained that I accidentally killed their dog with my exploded bee-hive looking dick, they just freaked out like I said something ridiculous.”
by Dice E Fleisch March 30, 2015
After cuming and cleaning up with tissues, throw the tissues at your root to create the flying halley's comet.
"hey bitch, catch this" as i throw halley's comet at her back.
by Mr meanings April 25, 2011
A sex act where the man sits on the toilet facing the tank with his partner (easiest achieved with a female partner) on his lap having sexual intercourse with full penetration and while the man humps his partner the partner is making a bowel movement (hopefully into the toilet as to reduce cleanup)
Tony and Ashley had to spend the whole evening cleaning the bathroom after their Halley's Comet .
by Shockwave9d2 July 15, 2015
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