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A way to say hello with a weird rubbery kind of voice. Originally developed from the word "waidunno" which means "I don't know", it soon progressed to many words, such as "woaw" (wow), "w-ok" (ok), "w-um" (um), "balleow" (bye), and many other words which we don't know how to spell. Current favourite: tajamahalleow.
Thing's can get silly, such as "lookouttherescuminyoureyeyousultryhorsepleaseralleow".
- Halleow
- crapspapalleow
- woaw! when did you make that one w-up?
- waidunno.
by omniwolf February 18, 2004
A word used to great people with a a "leow" inflection in the voice. Halleow was initially inveted in 1998 or 1999 whilst imitating the way a certain person says "hello".

Other break way "halleow" terms are "mapcralleow", "buttsqwallow" "mavraplapmalleow" or "sulamattahoonbutcralleow"
Halleow! sup my little buttsqwalleows?
by nbj February 17, 2004
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