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Some person of authority who patrols hallways enforcing pointless or useless rules
That hall nazi confiscated my cd player
by SonOfAresIII January 24, 2005
Random people who stand in the middle of the hall and block you from getting to class on time
I was late because of the damn hall nazis
by Inuttei May 20, 2005
A fat adult in schools. Can be a teacher or not that walks around and takes cellphones, yells, bitches, and gives detentions.
"My school's Hallnazi is a fat bitch that wears nothing jogging-suits that are 10 times to small for her and bitches at EVERYONE"
#bitch #strict #mean #fat #dumb #detention #school #adult #teacher
by Kim T August 09, 2006
Even lower on the scale of authoritative figures than renta-cops hall nazi's are the strange adults at schools in charge of "keeping things smooth" in the halls, however they totally fuck up the flow. They try and enforce rules by stopping girls with "short skirts" mean while a pot head is smoking up a storm around the corner. They crave power as if they were more than a simple creature given way too much power.
Hall Nazi example:

Hall Nazi: You little miss prep, change that skirt ASAP!
*Drug deal goes down behind the hall Nazis back*
#hall nazi #nazi #rent a cop #n00b badge #school #hall monitor
by Athlete101ghjkl June 13, 2009
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