1.An half'rican is a mixed race person, bi-racial, obaman, half breed, mulatoe, brown skin, barakoon, mestizo...yuu name it.
2.An half'rican kid is often raised(or not wtf!)by an african american(or african carribean or african immigrant...)father and a caucasian american mother but it works quite fine too if ma' is african and pa' from USA.
"Guess what!"
"Obama's been shot by a fuckin' marine?
Abwoat(after a pause, with joy in his voice):
"No stoop, he won the presidential election! He is our next president. I mean he is. Barack H. Obama is president. This motherfucker young half'rican is O.U.R P.R.E.S.I.D.E.N.T!"
"Shit on me, yuu don't say... the mixtican bwoy, president. Of the USA. My U-S-A of America. He made it, that son of a bitch, his father fucked his mother on the beach of Lake Victoria and all the shit of the world is fallin' on us!"
"C'mon, enough with bigotry, this is modern time, relax. It gonna be alright. We have three presidents in one: a black one for the blacks, a white for yuu and me and the brown for the black-and-white. What the fuss? This is a Triumvirate. Julius Caesar did that with Pompey and Crassus in 60BC in Rome. With the fuckin' financial crisis going on out there it is good to have the 'three in one' package"
"... fuck the Triumvirace! Fuck yuu con! Fuck the Lake Victoria!"
by Slangherinthenight November 09, 2008
Top Definition
Half black and half of another race usually white.
Quarter mil for bail 'cause I'm halfrican.
by mikeee January 25, 2005
Half Black, Half Other Race
Will, your a halfrican
by BongWaterBob September 09, 2003
a white/african american mixed person
Thats a hot halfrican chick, I'd do it.
by BLAHHHH November 15, 2003
Half Black other half somethin else
Black and french
by D December 08, 2003
Half African, half another race
Guy 1: Look at that Mulatto kid
Guy 2: You mean that Halfrican?
Guy 1: Yeah w/e
by Darius571 March 21, 2008
A person whose nationality consists of 50% African and 50% something else.
Damn, that nigga lookin kinda pale. He must be a halfrican.
by Kaytene February 01, 2005
A person who is half-black. Half white and half black is the most common.
Obama is not our first black president, he is our first halfrican president.
by Shatoasta September 15, 2009
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