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A bi woman who leans more towards women than men
She's been with 1 guy and 4 girls - she's half-a-dyke.
by lilabit July 11, 2011
One who has only been with one guy and one girl.
Continuously "acts" like a raging lesbian but still takes the "D".

Gacy lesbitt
Gacy is always hitting on girls but has been with the same guy forever. She's confused I shall call her a Sikeadyke or a halfadyke.
by Helenkeller January 05, 2014
A chick who's bisexual.

She's called this because
she likes guys and girls.
Cause she goes both ways
People can't call her a dyke
because she's not a complete
lesbian so you can call her
a halfadyke.
"My friends a halfadyke i saw her makin' out with some girl
on Tuesday."
by Jak173 July 31, 2007
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