Half-Life is about a guy, Gordon Freeman. He went to Black Mesa and worked at the test chamber, something went wrong, aliens started comming and trying to destroy Black Mesa. Your job is to go to the surface and meet up with Milatary Forces. But the government ordered the Milatary to kill the aliens, but also the workers of Black Mesa! Your next job is to go to Lamba Complex and telaport to Xen to destroy the big boss!
Fight all the aliens like Headcrabs, Vortigaunts, Zombies, Soldiers, and more enemies you will face, get weapons to defend yourself and save Black Mesa from the Xen Wildlife. This is Half-Life!
by Mega Sean 45 June 18, 2008
a great pc game or,
going half life is beating the sh*t out of some one with a crowbar
"i'm going to go play half life"

"i'm going to go half life on your ass"
by captain bernard July 22, 2008
The game with the best mods ever.
Hostile intent
Pirates vikings and knights
Sven coop
Hammy-bob mod
Rocket crowbar 2
Grenades, snarks and teleporters
Natural selection
Front line force
Etc. Etc. Etc.
by A_Llama March 04, 2004
The half life of a radioisotope is the time taken for the current level of radioactivity to drop to half that amount. Note that this means radioactive decay follows the curve of a decaying exponential. Oh, as mentioned, it is also somewhat of a revolutionary computer game. "As for the suit, I think you've earned it"
Carbon-14 has a half-life of 5,730 years. Let's say its radioactivity 'level' at time = 0 is 2. After around 5,730, its radioactivity will be 1, After a further 5,370 years its radioactivity will be 0.5, and after yet another half life, the radioactivty would be 0.25, and so on.
by Chavez77 June 22, 2006
Half the time it takes for a radioactive substance to decay.

Extreamly popular game, developed by the company VALVe. Yeah, that's how you spell it. With those capitals and that lower-case e.

The game is extreamly popular, boasting an impressive AI and great graphics (for its time). The mod community made that even better, with one of its best mods, Counter-Strike, being able to go commercial and make a profit. This, in turn, started getting people to think of the OTHER great mods in the mod community, namely Sven Coop, Day of Defeat, and The Specialist are all mods that come to mind.
Damn, this game is huge! I've been playing this since 1998, and it's still fun! Thanks mod community, and thanks VALVe!
by Brakman October 07, 2004
the best goddamn action game ever for computer. at least thats what i think.Killing aliens and shit fuckin rocks!!
This is for all those stupid ass definitions sayin its for pussys and fags!!!!!!!!!!

by half-life kicks ass August 28, 2003
What you'll have once you install this game.
I have such a Half-Life. I haven't left my computer in ages.
by majuwsnjnidid December 23, 2006

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