What you add after a backhanded insult so that they can't have ago at you but really you've still insulted them as you've only said your half joking. Started using it at University and haven't seen over people do it but hope it takes off.
Don't worry you may not have the looks but you can always fall back on your fashion sense.... half jokes.

Not only are you fat but your also dumb I mean you can't pass on an extra slice of a cake or your end of term exams... ahh im joking, well half jokes anyway.
by Mez1991 January 13, 2013
Top Definition
Joking about serious, or real life situation, while discretely shedding light on the truth of the matter.
Joe: "Hahaha James stalks you Karen!" Karen: "Hahaha really?" James: "Half joke!"
by Jack Clarizio October 14, 2007
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