People who have huge dicks and want to stick it in the cutest K9s. Can also be referred to as an object you shove in your rectum for pleasure during sexual intercourse.
Did you hear about the new kid?
I hear he's a real Hale.

Hey babe I'm really hot, I hope you have your Hale ready.
by HaleLover December 13, 2010
To Hale means to Fail. The word rhymes with Yale University which, to Harvard students, means a safety school for those who fail and get rejected from Harvard (no offense, Yalies). Also, this can be applied to anyone who fails at life, that's why the word rhymes with fail.

The word Hale can also be written this way: "Ha-Le"
Harvard dude: "Aaaah buddy! We totally owned those Yalies. They Haled miserably!

Harvard dude #2: "Sure thing. Hale for them!
by NoseHair July 21, 2010
a word from the early 17th century period which refers to a ragamuffin with no morales who copulates excessively with his right hand.
if you keep on wanking people will start to call you a hale
by niall December 21, 2003
A bald, pink man with a love for the beatles
There goes Hale!
by P-Trick May 07, 2003
A very atrractive person, with a good taste in music. She loves jokes and funny things, she can make every boy fall in love with her. She is cute, awesome and fabulous.
Hale is the most fabulous.
by i am mrs. hood April 10, 2015
A "Hales" usually refers to a girl with a big butt. These individuals love creepy crime shows and are typically obsessed with their professors. Hales' have to be properly watched. If left ignored these people have the opportunity to become crazy stalkers. If looked after Hales' can be normal, caring, perfect, and happy beings. They also are usually obsessed with humans named "Kayla".
Girl 1: She's a Hales, look out for her
by Henry Mole October 14, 2014

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