one who is nice to all
You sure acted like a haleigh when you complimented everyone in that room.
by joseph December 29, 2004
Top Definition
outgoing, fly, best thing that could happen to a boy, sexy, funny, bullshitter, good friend, impatient, most likley to be athletic, hates people that think they can talk down to others, and loves watching movies
basically a haleigh would be considered a godess
by BITCHASSNESS101 March 24, 2009
a very sweet, easygoing girl who is a people person, has many real friends who love her, is usually the center of attention, is outgoing, extremely beautiful, humble, and is very loyal to her friends. She may sometimes have her head in the clouds but is very sharp witted. She is a go-getter, an extremely efficient employee and a very charismatic, energetic and spontaneous girl who is always smiling genuinely and who looks at he big picture of life. She is a humanitarian and is also very talented. She can be very impatient with people who think they are better than everyone else, as she can easily read people and see right through them. She is an exciting mixture of cultures and races, but mainly Latina with very curly hair and a lovely slim, curvaceous body with nice long legs. She is very dedicated to studies and she admires the beauty of any given situation. She can also appear gullible and naive but is wise beyond her years. Quite tomboyish, she doesn't let her beauty and sex appeal get the better of her. Haleigh is a very rare specimen and is very genuine. Good fortunes to all who meet her!
where all the Haleigh's at, mate?
by meli867 June 30, 2011
is a very attractive and knows how to treat a man right has amazing personality and is very out going and romantic is beautiful inside and out and can say all of the right words and makes you feel lucky just to be her's
haleigh my gf
by the best `13 October 24, 2011
The most beautiful girl you could ever come across. Usually someone who always makes you smile but who's own smile makes your day. If her middle name is Anwen then you know you've found a great Haleigh because Anwen essentially means beautiful in Welsh. Haleighs often have a certain face they like to keep from others to protect their friends from extreme repulsion.

Haleighs are also very whalelike in shape but deny it in front of others but secretly cry about it while home alone at night.
A Haleigh could be all those negative things listed above or they could just be a very attractive girl who would just make your heart melt if you were dating her because of her uniqueness, beauty, sweetness, and loveableness.
Look at Haleigh! Dayyyuumm
by Kristopherrrrrr May 16, 2011
One who shows up to parties merely for the fun of stealing their alcohol. Occasionally they bring their own alcohol. Frequently found undressed on the streets asking God why he made her life horrible. He generally doesn't answer.
Wow, look at that chick lying in the middle of the road. What a haleigh.
by mv93 April 26, 2008
a weird specimen of butthole friend thats always there to help u make fun of other people.
Wow you truely are a haleigh.
by weenieo July 21, 2004
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