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An outcast mist nin and Zabuza's assistant. He was a young child living with his parents in the mist village, living happily with both. It wasn't long after that until he discovered he had an advanced bloodline, however, and had the ability to manipulate ice. He inherited it from his mother, and when his father discovered it, he killed her, and tried to kill Haku. Haku killed his father rather, and then was abandoned. Zabuza found him later, and forced him to learn his combat abilities.

In Zabuza's second fight with Kakashi, Haku got between the two and sacrificed himself, becoming impaled by Kakashi's chidori. This was how Haku died.
Haku is very fast. He wears the mask of a hunter-nin, and was trained as one, although I believe he's an unofficial ninja (meaning he doesn't apply to the genin/chuunin/jounin ranking system). When fighting, Haku's seemingly ruthless, but he's actually pure-hearted.He's very pretty, too!
by IcyHaku September 07, 2004
A guy who Naruto thought was a girl.
Haku: And btw. I'm a man.
by Magik November 26, 2004
A Hidden Mist ninja from the Naruto anime. He is lightning fast and death with a senbon, but so beautiful that he's been mistaken for a girl. Zabuza is his guardian, teacher, and master, and Haku is loyal beyond measure to him.
Zabuza pretends not to care for Haku...but we know they're all over each other when the cameras look away.
by Calico Kitsune November 25, 2006
A river spirit in the amazing movie Spirited Away. He falls in love with Chihiro, because they're both pretty boss and stuff. Haku is pretty much perfection. So if someone was, say, nicknamed this, he'd be pretty perfect, too.
Chihiro-I love you, Haku.
Haku-I love you too, Chihiro.
by FufuBerry April 30, 2008
White in Japanese.
Not the color white, not coccaine.
Just the word white.

Thats what it means.
Plus its a kickass character in the famous japanese Anime/Manga Naruto.
Haku almost killed Sauske
by Order66 April 04, 2006
A protecter of it's loved ones, also the Dragon from the film 'Spirited Away'.
This brave, and loving creature protects and bravely watches over young Chihiro, giving her back her identity and hope.
People often fall for his kindness, and affecton.
Although he keeps his emotions locked away, he is one of the most caring Dragons.
Haku? I've been waiting for you
by Chi Davies October 21, 2010
also known as the portugese water flea, a funny guy, who cruises alot on campus calling his friend the portugese water tick a scrag, but usually hangs out with the water dog and always go movies for free
Ho is that haku?" "Yeah he goin watch movies. "AGAIN for free?" "Yeah with the water dog
by supercarzyguy808 May 28, 2010
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