person: sign my yearbook!
person2: ok!
writing: schools finally over! HAKAS!!!!!!
by so true its not even funny. May 27, 2010
Top Definition
also known as the Maori Dance, haka is a "War chant" that is usually performed by The All Blacks rugby team before a rugby match to intimidate the other team
"Ah and here are the Alll Blacks to perform their haka dance as usual"
by bballplaya_23 July 03, 2005
-acronym for have a kick ass summer.

commonly written in yearbooks.
see you next year... hakas!
by tweedle dee May 28, 2005
the scariest fucking thing you will ever see performed by anyone that was made even more terrifying by the All Blacks rugby team of New Zealand
Tim: So how did you do in the rugby game yesterday

Phil: I was doing fine until i pissed myself out of sheer terror at the pregame Haka
by Matt Cross July 11, 2008
scary, intimidating, shit inducing maori war dance made popular by the All Blacks rugby team.
We need to scare that other team with something like the haka, make them shit their pants.
by die-lawn April 28, 2007
Acronym for: Have A Kick-Ass Summer. Written in yearbooks. See HAGS
This year had its ups and downs. HAKAS! Love, Samantha.
by Ben Rittel June 21, 2007
Have a KICK ASS summer!

an acronym if you didn't notice
"The teacher took my yearbook away because i was writing HAKAS in everyone's book..."
by Brandon Seifert June 21, 2007
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