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A Chinese (Cantonese) slang to describe persons of African descent. The slang is often used in a derogatory manner, but may be used for humor as well. The term “hak gwai” translates literally into “black ghost”, which may offend some.
There aren't many hak gwais in the Praries.
by timblitz August 11, 2006
55 10
Chinese for black person, can be used either said in an insulting manner or friendly joking manner.
Wassup my hak gwai, let's go chill

Wow what a dirty hak gwai!
by Jeffrey C September 06, 2003
87 10
slang canto way of saying black person actually means black ghost. it is improper.
look at that hak gwai! hes going to shoot him!
by mother focker March 06, 2005
20 18