a slang originally used by these shakh persian twins and later passed down to the dark side who can't stop using it or in other words made it khaz
haji have u seen that sick ass audi a4 at uni?
by big aryan October 01, 2010
A borderline racist term many young and ignorant American servicemen use to describe any person living in the Middle East or Afghanistan. The correct use for the term is supposed to be for any person of the Muslim faith that has made a pilgrimage to Mecca
by waspcoloredstain July 14, 2013
The single most amazing guy in the world. A bodacious greek sex god who's slow to a temper, but isn't stable when he gets there. Knows just the right things to say when they need to be said, and a master of corruption.
Random guy: "Hey, wanna leave this place?"
Haji's mate: "Sorry, I've got a boyfriend."
Random guy: *looks at Haji, looks back* "You can do better."
Haji's mate: "No, I really can't."
Random guy: *grabs Haji's mate's arm* "I won't take no for an answer."
Haji: Yes, yes you will.
by RiverDead February 10, 2012
Someone whose sins made him fearful of hot, flaming punishment and decided to get a clean slate.
A: that immoral thief is a saint now

B: how come?

A: he's become a haji
by Schizophrantic March 27, 2010
One who is a superawesome, windmilling, hippy. Smokes pot and is generally one of the happier people.
Man1: Ever heard of the Ganja-God?
Man2: Yea, your talking about that Haji kid right?
by corbinface November 20, 2009
Any subservient brown person (origin: Johnny Quest's sidekick)
Do not be a Haji, you are better than that.
by blindspot February 17, 2005
A racial term for Indian or Indian looking people. This term also works for other middle eastern people as well.
I am going to the haji store to buy a slim jim.
by haji February 16, 2005

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