(hah-gee) n. offensive slang; disparaging term for arabs, especially those of Islamic faith. First used by US military forces during the early stages of 2003 Iraq invasion.
Too many Hajis moving into this town.
by BKOG January 11, 2010
Korean fob. Hajima, meaning stop, can be frequently heard in groups of Koreans.

Also similar to prefixes used in the Corean language.
"Those hajis are good at math"
"Kris haji is the korean kris"
"That group of hajis over there got the e."

While beating on a haji he will scream "hajima! hajima!"
by EvoL<i>onThaMic August 28, 2008
hand job... usually given as a reward of something good
Pendleberry is the haji-master

"hey kinger, if u score a goal ill give u a haji after the game"
by mike April 23, 2004

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