way to define the kid that sits next to you at lunch.
hey your a little bit on the hairy side..
by william-joe December 04, 2005
A childish person who enjoys pranks, BMX, funny ignorant jokes, and is obsessed with hot lesbians.
Hey, there goes that Hairy fucker!
Someone stop that hairy kid!
Hairy is rude.
by Shaun January 15, 2004
a girl named bec, fur like hair covering her body from top to toe
bec, rebecca, beccy, becca
by danielle November 15, 2004
coolest girl ever who can play every musical instrument know to man with poise and grace
Wow hairy! That was amazing!
by Hairy January 20, 2005
Alex Macleod
Hey Alex, hows your hair going?
by Anonymous March 20, 2003

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