when haveing sex, geting a hand job, blow job... ect, you pull out right before coming and bust in the girls hair, it should drip around and harded into a "hair net".
"Joe gave jana a Hair net."
by purell October 04, 2007
Top Definition
hairnets are people, who have that greasy slicked back hair or stringy slimed down hair. often found wearing hairnets.
"Alex is such a hairnet!"
by rottenriot December 29, 2003
A thin, usually black net, put on the head, used to keep the hair tight, avoiding spillage, food contamination etc. Used by chefs, cooks, waiters etc., also sometimes used by people with wigs.
"You’ll put on those kitchen whites, the glasses, and the hairnet."
Stephen King, 11/22/63
by gjordanov August 21, 2012
A pair of women's drawls. Referring to the containment of bush.
that bitch's skirt was so short she needed a hair net
by whitbot January 06, 2005
The sad condition when men with average sized genitalia exit a lake or other cold body of water and have their miniaturized package trapped by an entangled mass of pubic hair.
Man, that water was so cold I had some painful hairnet action.
by Hugh Jass Ho October 13, 2005
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