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chest hair shaved to resemble a bra (including straps in the back)
Summer is prime hairkini season.
by Colonel Kustard November 27, 2006
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1. The excess of fur on a female's cooter. Named for its striking resemblance to a bikini bottom composed of hair.
2. Any and all cooter hair that starts just below the navel, and streches in force to the small of the "female's" back.
3. Not only a fashion statement, but also a source of security, as one's hands, and/or cock can not penetrate the furry box.
4. Any type of vagina hair that is commonly found in 60s and 70s porn.
1. Yo, this bitch Sally dropped her pants, and I didn't even see anything cause she was sportin' a damn hairkini.
2. Despite what you may think, Daniel is convinced that Sally wears a dense hairkini.
by Jewthro August 12, 2008
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