The random boob whiskers that grow around the nipple.
Hey Dana! We are going to the nude beach. Wanna come? Wait, first you need to go shave those jungle haireolas!!
by danelci June 08, 2006
Top Definition
female areola that has a number of wiry hairs protruding from the chicken skin-like areola.
My God, Jeanie D has a nearly matching pair of haireola
by Bernie O'Neill November 23, 2005
A term used to describe hairy nipples.

Derived from hairy and areola (part of the nipple)

Pronounced Hairy-o-la
"Look at the haireola on that guy!"

"dude, you really need to do something about your haireola"

"He had haireola, and it was so disgustiong, yet slightly erotic..."
by Sarah Denton January 15, 2006
When a woman's areola ( the area surrounding the nipple) is hairy.
I noticed that Nancy had hair-eolas when she was changing into her drag-queen attire.

My razors get worn down after I shave my hair-eolas.
by craftymeanbastard October 07, 2010
hair on the areola of a women's breast
i went in for a motor boat but i ended up flossing on her haireolas!
by John The Porkchop November 23, 2007
Those gnarly hairs that sometimes sprout around a woman's nipples in the areola area.
I finally got Rachel's clothes off, turned on the light....and her haireola CREEPED me!
by tbullphoto July 30, 2009
An areola containing follicles of hair usually pertaining to the female gender.
Damn! That bitch got some haireolas!
by 2stainz April 30, 2013
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