The Act of Farting in someones face while they are tossing your salad
"Dude she was licking my ass and I so gave her a hair dryer!"
by TaCo and Sweet Ass October 28, 2005
Top Definition
To scream and rant until red in the face; uncontrolled rage expressed from one person to another, usually within an inch of the face
The football manager gave his team the full hairdryer for their terrible first half performance.
by Phil Hardy April 06, 2006
farting into an open vagina
I was fucking my girlfriend you know, in that position where she is on her shoulders and your pretty much sitting down on her to fuck her. Well my dick fell out, so I rocked forward and gave her the hair dryer.
by jomo85 April 11, 2006
A rice rocket is a Japanese bike but
now days they are getting a lot quieter
and when they idle they sound like
Why don't you sell that yellow hairdryer and buy yourself a real bike
like a Harley?

THe new hairdryer he bought really moves but I would still rather a Harley
any day.
by MAD ANGEL August 15, 2005
A word used to describe someone who is sexually attractive.

It is certainly not under any circumstances something you would ever use to describe something you dry your hair with.
"She's such a hairdryer!"
by Me December 24, 2004
An electrocution tool (combined with a bathtub full of water) used by a jealous dominatrix.
She threw a hairdryer into the water and he met St. Peter then.
by Chris Slychan January 05, 2006
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