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a slang term meaning to pop off for a sly wank when friends and family think you are somewhere else.
"Where's John?"

"Oh, he's gone for a haircut!"

"Dirty wanker!"
by Anonymous February 24, 2003
A Girl/Guy goes down on their partner, cuts off their pubic hair with a scissor, puts it in their mouth, than stands up and spits it back in their face.
"Oh bro you do not want to know what happened last night I got the best haircut from that chick from the hair salon"

"I give my boyfriend 2 haircuts if hes good :)"

"I give haircuts for cheap"

"I love when a bitch goes down and gives me the finest haircut"

" Im your mother and I dont want you going around school giving people haircuts"
by Kevin Wiggyworth November 13, 2009
A way for parents to fucking mutilate your head. For middle to lower class blue collar families, usually done so Bubba can get a nice buzzcut ot in my casr, top keep em "from gettin too emo on us...hahahaha!
I had my hair cut because it was "in my eyes, ive never heard such bullshit
mom:hey zack let's go to sportsclips to get your scalp raped i mean get a haircut!

me:how about you save me some time and cut my wrist now!
by zack the former emo May 16, 2007
a word some people use when they are bored or freaking insane. usually said in a really weird way and sometimes yelled followed by pretending your two fingers are a pair of scissors twice in a row and making a sound that sounds like *tk tk*

1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIRRRRRRRCUT!!! *puts up hands and pretending they are scissors and at the same time says *tk tk*
1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIRRRRRRRCUT!!! *puts up hands and pretending they are scissors and at the same time says *tk tk* haircut
by merna16 October 30, 2009
The act of giving a male oral sex
Yo! That girl gives the best haircuts!
by gimptarrd93 September 12, 2009
a person who is a metrosexual toughguy. they dress metrosexual and always pluck eyebrows and gel hair ect. and to tell themselves they are actually male they try to act tough and get in fights
that bar was fun but there was way to many haircuts there.

see "my new haircut" on youtube
by sam zerg September 22, 2007
A term used by special forces and tactical operatives engaged in wet work to refer to the act of assassinating a targeted individual.
Operative A: "everybody ready to take out the target?"
Operative B: "let's go give this punk his haircut."
by David Diego January 26, 2007